The digital RMB overtakes the world at the curve, and adopts the original design to completely eradicate the stubborn disease of the blockchain

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digital rmb overtakes world curve

At least one position ahead of the rest of the world Digital RMB , Is accelerating the pace of advance . in addition , From this release 《 White paper on R & D Progress of digital RMB in China 》 in , We can also read some details about design , From this information, we can see , The technical system of digital RMB ensures safety and maturity , It has also made bold innovations in the existing technical institutions , Successfully avoided some current figures currency Short board in the technical field , Truly realize the curve overtaking in this field .

 Overtaking in digital RMB curve leads the world , Adopt original design to completely eradicate the stubborn diseases of blockchain

1、 Original design successfully circumvents Blockchain Performance short board

In the traditional financial information system , They all adopt a centralized technical structure , That is, information is stored centrally , Centralized transaction authentication . The problem with this approach is that the system risk is too concentrated , Data authentication is not transparent , Data changes are not traceable .

Now the digital currency represented by bitcoin adopts a distributed structure , That is, each equipment node participating in the transaction will store the flow information of all businesses . No central node is responsible for centralized supervision and management , Each transaction must be authenticated by a large number of absentee nodes in the network . The blockchain approach has successfully achieved decentralization , Make the transaction process transparent and credible , also , Because many copies of transaction data are copied and stored on all node devices , Therefore, any equipment failure will not cause data loss .

However, the disadvantages of blockchain technology are also very prominent , Because all information is stored redundantly , So it causes a lot of waste of resources , The authentication of the transaction requires absenteeism for verification and calculation , So it's inefficient , If it is an occasion with high requirements for real-time and concurrency , Blockchain technology is basically unable to cope with , Moreover, the non environmental protection caused by a large number of absenteeism calculations in the blockchain has also become a matter of widespread concern .

The technical structure of digital RMB innovatively adopts the combination of centralization and distribution , In the currency issuance stage, the advantages of blockchain are used for reference, and the distributed design is adopted , This ensures that large key transactions are tamper proof and traceable . And in the C End user small consumption scenario , Because of the huge amount of concurrency , A centralized design . This can ensure that the performance of the transaction can be effectively guaranteed . This design ensures the security and credibility of key data , It also takes into account the concurrency of the system . It perfectly avoids the stubborn performance disease of blockchain technology .

2、 The three center model effectively protects users' privacy

In terms of user privacy protection , Digital RMB also adopts a highly innovative design structure , The system creatively adopts the three center design model , Three centers refer to the certification center 、 Registration center and big data analysis center , The certification center is responsible for establishing user files , Record the user's core information , Open a user wallet account . The registration center is responsible for recording and registering the daily business flow data of users . The big data analysis center conducts statistical analysis on the data .

The user's privacy information is only collected and stored in the authentication center , The registration center that really participates in daily payment does not need to call the user's privacy data . This ensures that the user's privacy data will not be viewed and disclosed during the transaction . And in the storage of transaction flow , The digital RMB system will encrypt, transmit and store the key data of the transaction , Compared with the blockchain, all transaction data are publicly stored , Digital RMB obviously has a higher level of security .

3、 One currency and two warehouses ensure business flexibility

At the macro management level , Digital RMB also adopts the pioneering method of one currency and two Treasuries , That is, the Central People's Bank is responsible for the management of the digital currency issuance Library , Commercial banks are responsible for managing the digital money bank library related to their own banks . This ensures centralized management , It also retains the flexibility of commercial banking .

4、 Big data analysis, real-time grasp of economic operation data

With the popularization and use of digital RMB , A large number of transaction data will enter the central database in real time , Through the real-time data statistical processing of big data analysis center , You can get the data of economic operation at the first time , So as to provide real-time and accurate data reference for national economic policy-making .


The promotion of digital RMB is now in the absolute leading position in the world , At the same time, we are also accelerating the exploration and attempt of digital RMB overseas settlement . Our original achievements in technology will be used for reference and reference all over the world , I hope to take this opportunity , Strengthen the position of RMB in the world , Use technical strength to insert strong financial wings into our economic development .

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