The quality of these domestic cars is not inferior to that of joint venture cars. The price is beautiful, fuel-saving and anti-manufacturing

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quality domestic cars inferior joint

Today, let's take stock of the most popular self-made cars , Each one has leapfrog performance , Friends who didn't buy a car might as well have a look , There is definitely one for you !

Geely emgrand

The guided :6.98-9.88 ten thousand

Dihao can be said to be the most representative of Geely , Since its launch , Sales remain stable , It is definitely the main model of Geely , It is also one of the few independent models without overhaul in China , Your strength is absolutely satisfactory . Although this car is cheap , But the length, width and height reached 4632×1789×1470mm, The wheelbase is 2650mm, The performance of this space is not inferior to that of the joint venture car . In terms of power, a 1.5L Self priming engine , Maximum power is 109 horsepower , This dynamic performance is similar to that of Volkswagen Bora 、 Buick yinglang is almost , There is absolutely no problem with city transportation .

Chery tiggo or dingle 8

The guided :8.88-15.99 ten thousand

Chery is a well deserved independent big brother , The Ruihu series is the mainstay of Chery , And Ruihu 8 As Chery's flagship SUV Come on , The performance is even better , It can be called the domestic version “ Toyota Highlander ”! The appearance design is stable and atmospheric , Aura is dye-in-the-wood , And the wheelbase has reached 2710mm, This space absolutely meets your household needs . If you buy this car, I suggest you start directly 1.6T Power version , Maximum power is reached 197 horsepower , This power is completely similar to Honda CR-V There's a fight , And this engine has joined Chery's top technology , 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption only 7.7 l , For a medium SUV Speaking of , The fuel consumption performance is very gratifying .

The harvard H6

The guided :9.80-14.10 ten thousand

The harvard H6 Has become a chariot like existence , continuity 8 Won in SUV Sales champion , If you don't know 10 What to buy at 10000 price SUV If appropriate , Choose Harvard directly H6 That's right , Absolutely let you find nothing wrong . The harvard H6 Recently, it has also been updated to the third generation , The appearance is more fashionable and young , Wheelbase reached 2680mm, This space is very abundant , Even with the public Tiguan L comparison , Not at all . The power is divided into 1.5T Follow 2.0T Two power combinations , The maximum power is respectively 169 horsepower 、224 horsepower , The power performance is not bad , Absolutely leapfrog .

Wuling macro light

The guided :4.38-6.08 ten thousand

This car and Harvard H6 equally , It has been officially canonized in China , It can be said that it is a sales legend in the domestic automobile market , Since this car appeared , buick GL8 Become the second child of the Millennium , Don't look at the low end of this car , But it's serious MPV,2720mm Wheelbase, whether pulling people or carrying objects , Can easily be competent , And this engine from Liuzhou has become a legend ,111 Under the blessing of horsepower , Let this car take you anywhere .

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