Toyota's new car gets rid of Audi. The price is only 120000. Who still buys civic

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toyota new car gets rid

When it comes to Toyota cars, many people actually like them , And the price is cheaper , The sales volume in the domestic market is also very good , Like Toyota's Corolla , This car is very popular , And the civic cars of its friends are also quite good , Today, I'd like to recommend a special version of Toyota Corolla , That's Carola's travel version , The price of this car is not enough 12 Ten thousand yuan , Who still buys Civic , More beautiful than Audi , Let's have a look !

Speaking of corolla's model , Many people know that his earliest version is very popular in the domestic market , The price is not expensive and the cost performance is high , The main reason is that the fuel is relatively low , Like this corolla travel version , As a travel class car, it is going to be popular again , Let's take a look at the detailed configuration of this car , Absolutely another divine car was born .

First of all, we can see from the appearance of this car , The design is very fashionable and young , Adopt large mouth type air inlet grille front design , Pair with sides LED The headlights are perfect , Very sporty , From the side, the line feeling performance of the car is also very perfect , It's very sporty , Such a car is really much more beautiful than Audi , Such models are also specially designed for young people , You will never feel disappointed .

interior , The design of Toyota Corolla travel version is not much different from the previous version , It still adopts the multi-function press of three frames , Key steering wheel design , Large size suspended LCD screen , The seats used in the whole vehicle are very comfortable , It feels good to drive , Moreover, the configuration function is also extremely rich , It feels perfect to drive .

Cars like this are equipped with keyless start , Doubling the auxiliary , Lane departure warning , Report auxiliary information , This configuration can be perfectly adapted , And the size of the car is also very ideal , Basically achieved 4620×1775×1485mm, Wheelbase up to 2700mm, The interior space is very ample , It's a very good car , It's still very good , High practicability .

In terms of motivation , Toyota Corolla's travel version uses 1.2t A turbocharged engine , Maximum horsepower available 114 horse , The peak torque value is 185kw. The gearbox adopts 6 Speed manual transmission , Such data is actually very affordable , The transmission is cvt transmission , Of course, some models , I don't know what people think of this car ?

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