What kind of car can you buy in the United States for 100000 yuan? No, I don't know. It's heart breaking

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With the continuous development of our country's economy , The number of cars is also increasing , The number of cars has increased from less than 5000 a decade ago to more than 3 Billion cars , And it's still growing , In the impression of many people , Compared with domestic cars, imported cars are much higher in performance and fuel consumption , But imported cars are often expensive , Therefore, it is often second to none , Select joint venture vehicle , But the development of domestic cars is also obvious , At present, it is no worse than the joint venture car , If you have 10 Ten thousand yuan , Will you choose a joint venture car or a domestic car ? I'm afraid most car owners will still choose joint ventures , But at the same price , If you can buy a domestic car with high configuration, you can only buy a joint venture car with low configuration , So the advantages of domestic cars are still obvious .

In this case, some people are curious : What cars can you buy in the United States at the same price ? For Americans , The imported car we talk about is actually their domestic car , Due to the removal of tariffs and other charges , The cost of these vehicles in the United States is also much lower , If the same is 10 A budget of 10000 yuan , You can only buy second-hand joint venture cars in China , It's no problem to buy a brand new car in the United States . In fact, even many luxury cars in our eyes , It's not that expensive in the eyes of Americans , The average middle-class family can basically afford .

The reason for this is tariffs , Imported cars are not that expensive , But after entering the country and adding a layer of tariffs and other expenses , The cost will increase a lot , The price is also very high , It has become a luxury car in our eyes , Let's take the simplest example , Many domestic four or five million sports cars , The United States only needs more than two million , Familiar to us BBA In China, the most basic also needs to 30 Ten thousand talents , But at least it's cheap in the United States 5 All the above , Here we can see the gap .

Because the United States is a big car country , Although we now have a high number of cars , But there is still a big gap between the per capita car volume and the United States , Owning a car is a common thing in the United States , Almost every family has a car , Just like our domestic electric cars , It's just the price , So many of our domestic cars that seem to have poor performance are not much worse than imported cars , It's just the tariff that makes them much higher in price , Psychological factors think it should be better .

So the cost of buying imported cars , Most of them are handed over to the customs . See the same 10 The gap of 10000 yuan between the United States and China , Many netizens said “ The heart ” 了 , The price of buying an imported car in China , You can easily buy a sports car in the United States , It also makes netizens sigh : It's really a heaven , An underground .

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