I'll show you the new Baojun RC-5

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Today's car buyers are getting younger , Many car companies cater to these young people , Start to make a big move in the vehicle appearance design . image 90 My favorite sliding back design , Also began to appear frequently in vehicles . in addition , stay 10 Ten thousand level , There are few models with sliding back design , however , Today, I want to talk about this new Baojun RC-5 That's one of those things . Next, let's look at xinbaojun RC-5 Let's have a real shooting experience .

New Baojun RC-5 2020 paragraph 1.5T The manual Zhiyao luxury front looks very fashionable , The larger inverted trapezoidal grille is decorated with silver trim , Then match it with personalized headlights , Quite recognizable .

From the side , The size of the car is 4650/1806/1482mm, The wheelbase 2700mm, Equipped with Atlas tires , The specifications of the front and rear tires are 215/55 R17.

The rear design , New Baojun RC-5 It gives people a very thick feeling , The exhaust pipe adopts a hidden design , Then match it with the sharp blackened tail lamp , Visually, it is full of three-dimensional feeling , Keep your eyes on .

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