An opponent that can be valued by the public! 2.0T+8AT

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opponent valued public 2.0t+8at

Chang'an with super high appearance value CS75 PLUS, Changan family's “ Yuyue ” Design language , This design language is the latest version of Chang'an family , The main highlights are the sense of the future of cars and the model of science and Technology , The addition of this language , In an instant, Chang'an CS75 PLUS The texture of the whole appearance is brought to a climax . The front face adopts a very exaggerated and domineering inverted trapezoidal chrome plated middle net , Three dimensional sense is superior . At the same time, a slender and sharp LED The light band is integrated into the whole network , Match each other , It has a strong trend flavor . The strong lines on the side of the car and the dynamic waistline make the whole appearance very three-dimensional , The rear of the car adopts a very characteristic LED Tail lamp and exhaust funnel with two sides for four outlets . The body size is also Chang'an CS75 PLUS One of the main reasons for the explosion of money , Excellent overall performance ,4.7 Meter body length ,1.868 Meter body width and 1.71 The height of meters and 2.771 Meter wheelbase , Let it have a strong advantage in the same level . changan CS75PLUS Perfect combination of sportiness and tidal flu , It is very in line with the aesthetics of young people .

Outstanding appearance , Sweep through space , On the interior , changan CS75PLUS Also achieved eye popping . It adopts the family central control layout style , The whole interior space is made into a luxurious space capsule , When you sit in the car, you can see two pieces integrated with each other at the first sight 12.3 Inch screen , At the same time, the multifunctional steering wheel and integrated sports seat , Create an excellent and outstanding fashion technology atmosphere .

Finished the appearance, size and interior , Let's continue to talk about the most important source of competitiveness of a car , Dynamic part . changan CS75puls, With the core competitiveness of the same level , countries 6 Discharge standard 1.5t+6at and 2.0t+8at Two new power systems .2.0t The maximum power can reach 233 horsepower , Peak torque can be achieved 360 Cattle meters . Such a power system is available in countries with the same price 6 And SUV It can be said that it is difficult to find an enemy .

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