Lamborghini is smashed into rags and sold for 10000. People who understand cars understand the value

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lamborghini smashed rags sold people

We all know that once the car is damaged , Being scratched or damaged by collision will greatly reduce the value of the car . But what is the value of the damaged car , It also depends on what kind of car it really is . If it's just an ordinary car , Damaged again , That must be worthless at all . What if it started as a luxury car ? What is the value of it after it is damaged ?

Today we are going to talk about this damaged luxury car - lamborghini . From the picture, we can see that it has indeed been destroyed beyond recognition , Maybe the owner also thinks that this car is really useless , Then he opened a low price of 10000 yuan to sell .

I didn't expect someone to buy it as soon as it was sold , This is the difference between luxury cars , Even if it's the same pile of scrap as other cars , The price is also higher than that of other ordinary waste cars .

After all, its real body is a Lamborghini , It's still quite valuable to recycle the parts available in the car .

It is reported that this car was originally a customized Lamborghini , You can imagine how expensive a new car is , The result is now hit into this terrible look , Even the audience are distressed for the owner .

It seems , Not all scrapped cars are worthless , A luxury car is a luxury car when it is in good condition , Even if it is scrapped, it still has its value , Otherwise, no one will buy it as soon as they bid , After all, no one is stupid enough to buy a pile of scrap iron home . therefore , Luxury cars are luxury cars after all , Its parts and various configurations spent more effort and money when they were built , To be so popular .

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