Five car brands with the worst engine

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car brands worst engine

Nowadays, there are more and more automobile brands , But many people don't know how to choose when buying a car , After all, the quality of a car depends entirely on its three major engines , transmission , chassis , Like this one below 5 A car brand , We still don't buy , Don't start even if it's cheap , The engine is full of garbage and faults. You need to calm down when buying a car , One buy destroys one life .

The first 1 This car is a legal car , That's a car like Peugeot , In terms of appearance design, many people can't appreciate it , After all, it adopts the appreciation level of the French , Moreover, Peugeot will be awarded for all kinds of driving faults 408 The engine of this car burns oil , And the shaking of the gearbox is also very serious , After buying it, I must regret it very much

The first 2 A car is a brand from Taiwan , It may have been discontinued , But in the early days, the car's reputation was also very bad , That's nazhijieda 7 The car not only has poor performance , And it consumes more fuel than all cars on the market , There is also the problem of Westernization noise , Most people can't afford to drive such a car .

The first 3 A car is a cheetah car , In fact, the off-road produced by this car is very good , However, due to the current development of technology can not keep up with the car's engine, the problem is highlighted , The main reason is that the fuel consumption is higher , take CS10 Come on , Such cars have been complained by many customers , Mainly because the quality is particularly poor , And the price is not cheap .

The first 4 Car , Southeast car , Maybe many people don't know this car , In fact, their car has always used Mitsubishi engine , However, due to the termination of cooperation later, the engine developed by ourselves was adopted , There are really a lot of problems , Not only intentional situations , Moreover, the driving experience of a car like noise flameout is extremely poor , Don't buy this car no matter how cheap it is , But at present, the car is also facing shutdown .

The first 5 This car is FAW , In fact, the reputation of the car in the domestic market is still , Relatively high , But cars like some of its sub brands can never be bought , For example, the engine road of FAW Pentium leaks oil , shake , These are the most common problems , There may be price concessions , But don't buy it for a moment's cheap. It's yourself who suffers in the end .

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