How long is the auto loan overdue to collect the car? After the car is recovered, it was handled like this

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long auto loan overdue collect

1. The overdue auto loan reached 3 The car will be collected , However, before receiving the car, the bank will constantly remind the owner , It needs to be repaid as soon as possible . because 1 The period is one month , So the car will be collected after three months .2. The bank took back the overdue vehicles , Will consider selling by auction , This can avoid causing losses . Considering that the auction price of the vehicle is compared with the price of the new car , It will be much cheaper , So some people will also consider buying a car . Of course, for the original owner , Or should we avoid this step .

When the vehicle is overdue, you usually don't remember the repayment date , Or I didn't see the reminder message from the bank . Generally, this situation will not cause serious consequences of vehicle collection , According to the loan contract signed between the car owner and the bank , Make repayment within the specified time . There will also be a grace period of a few days if there is no timely repayment , As long as the loan is repaid within the grace period , Will not enter the personal credit list . Of course, the grace period has passed , It's likely to be on the credit list , Will affect future loans , So be careful .

Overdue for more than three consecutive periods , The bank will... In accordance with the loan contract , Vehicles to recover loans . The recovered vehicles will be processed in batches within the specified time , If there is no repayment at this time, the vehicle will officially enter the auction procedure , Bidders interested in vehicles can bid for vehicles , As long as the price is right , You can just buy the car home . Of course, after the successful bidding , We also need to pay the fee according to the bidding price , In this way, you can get the auction voucher of the French auction Department , Household registration at vehicle management office .

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