Changan Mazda 3 anksila 2021 new quotation is released, which is dynamic, handsome and charming!

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changan mazda anksila new quotation

Mazda 3 Oncella 2021 After the grand launch of the new model in , Because of its outstanding appearance and excellent driving performance , at present , Its quotation is at 11.59-16.89 Between ten thousand , High cost performance , Worth buying . It is designed with the concept of soul movement , fashion 、 handsome 、 A sporty look 、 High quality interior following minimalist Aesthetics 、 Body made of strong and rigid steel 、 Excellent safety performance and full power , It's all about its advantages , therefore , Recently, there are friends who are considering buying a car , You can think more about this car .

First , Mazda 3 The look of anksila is dynamic 、 Militantly proclaim , Can make people look into the soul . Anksila is made by master painting process , Full of ingenuity , Extremely rigid body 、 High quality light and shadow design shows its charm , Highly recognizable and characteristic . The front face is polygonal + Classic Mazda logo design , Simplicity 、 The atmosphere , Coupled with high-level big LED Headlamp and front bumper design , Highlights the intelligent and dynamic side , Combine soft surfaces 、 Metal wheel hub and exquisite rear tail lamp design , Highlight the sense of design , More fashionable .

The second is the interior design , Mazda 3 The interior of oncella pays attention to quality and taste , Made of subtractive Aesthetics , Comfortable and focused cockpit , Try to leave the co pilot's seat blank , High end comfortable seats , All conform to the humanistic design concept , It shows the close integration of people and vehicles , Both comfort 、 A sense of security , Greatly improve the driving experience of passengers . Besides , Mazda 3 The cockpit center layout design is adopted by anksila , Follow the humanistic concept , Under the careful training of craftsmen and masters , Let the material and finish 、 The overall texture of the interior is perfect , Exclusive ring field acoustics 、 The comfortable color matching improves the grade of the interior . Besides , The interior highlights of oncella are : New Mazda YUELIAN system + Steering wheel and shift lever handle in exquisitely branded leather 、 Comfortable folding seat back 、 Large space, convenient trunk, etc , Very human .

then , Anksila has also improved its safety performance , Safety assistance system equipped with multiple insurance , Mazda 3 Anksila's safety performance is also first-class , It is equipped with complete driving assistance safety technology , With the help of a number of security technologies , Avoid conflict , And help drivers better understand safe driving , The whole vehicle adopts the high rigid body technology of chuangchi blue sky technology , Create a more ring closed body structure , meanwhile , Equipped with adaptive cruise system 、 Lane departure warning system 、 Intelligent driving assistance system in cruise mode 、 Intelligent front brake assist system, etc , It greatly improves the safety performance of the car .

Last , Anksila also has excellent driving performance , It carries GVC PLUS Acceleration vector control system , And the strengthening system of righting moment is added , It feels great 、 Easy and not tight , And let the driver focus on the driving experience , take one's ease . meanwhile , Mazda 3 Anksila also uses a gasoline direct injection high compression ratio engine , Pay attention to environmental performance , With the help of the new concave top piston design , Improve technological innovation , A more linear power output , Make the starting and acceleration of the whole vehicle more kinetic energy , Powerful , And let the driver enjoy the driving experience in various scenarios , Reach the real cloud like water 、 fully and delightfully .

in summary , I think Mazda 3 Anksila, no matter from the appearance 、 Cost performance 、 interior , Or from the security performance 、 In terms of driving performance , They are rare good cars , meanwhile , It also does rely on its fashionable and handsome appearance 、 Comfortable and simple interior design 、 Excellent safety and driving performance , And bloomed a different brilliance , therefore , Worth buying .

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