Chevrolet broke out! A new pioneer returns to the Jianghu, nearly 5m + 9at, pure import, giving up tuang

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chevrolet broke new pioneer returns

In China's current domestic automobile market , Medium large scale SUV Models can often get our favor and love , Chinese people seem to have a natural love for such models , At present, in terms of China's market development , This type of vehicle also often has congenital advantages , Now Chevrolet, also from the American Department, has also announced a new model , Just early 16 Chevrolet pioneers listed years ago Blazer, Although the follow-up disappeared , But now it is also a new Jianghu , It will be officially listed next month, that is, March this year , Now let's have a look . Chevrolet broke out ! new “ The blazers ” Return to rivers and lakes , Long 5 rice +9AT, Pure import abandonment

With anko flag and Cadillac XT6 As a sister model, it inherits the latest family design language , The appearance style of the whole vehicle looks very young and dynamic , The length of the car is also close to 5 rice , The width of the car has also reached 1.953 rice , Car height is 1.736 rice , The wheelbase is 2.863 rice , The design style of the whole vehicle looks quite good , The size is also a circle larger than that of hanlanda , The appearance design is also divided into ordinary version and RS Sports section , Meet the needs of different consumers , The middle net grille in the front face looks very domineering , The split lamp groups on both sides are also very sharp , The sense of design is still very good , The waistline on the side is strong and tall , Combined with black wheel eyebrows , Let this car also be full of aura , The shape of the tail is also full and three-dimensional , It also belongs to the mainstream level in the market .

After entering the interior part of the car , You will find that the interior design of this car is the same as the shape , It has a strong family design style , The flying wing design of the central control area has a great sense of design , The shaping style is also simple and three-dimensional , This sense of design has also won the love of Chinese consumers , The cylindrical air outlet has quite good mobility , The central control area is also dotted with a lot of red , This car is very trendy ,10 The inch central control screen is combined with the multi-functional steering wheel , Let him also be very scientific .

Finally, in terms of its power , Its expressiveness is also very good , The car is equipped with 2.0T The engine , The transmission is matched 9AT transmission , Its maximum output power can reach 230 horsepower , This output is still OK Of , At the same time, the front McPherson is combined with the rear multi link four-wheel independent suspension , This car is also very driveable .

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