First open Chen T90, then change mingjue HS, compare the grade, owner: the strength is quite good

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open chen t90 change mingjue

In the current automotive industry , Major manufacturers secretly play games 、 Danger is repeated , Victory makes life , Failure disappears in the market , Manufacturers try their best to produce good cars in order to survive , Born like Qichen T90 And the barons HS Such a car . Today we'd like to invite Xiao Wei, a car repairman , He opened the door first T90, Another Baron HS, Compare grades , The owner : It's quite powerful . mg HS Can compare with excellent Qichen T90 Do you ? Let's give the sharing time to the car owner .

Let's look at Qichen first T90 The appearance of the , Now when I buy this car, I mainly pay attention to the appearance . High originality , Slip back is fashionable . It's just that the high beam is halogen, which is a little depressed , But it's enough in the city . So is the tail light LED Particle combination , Show all the luxury .

Look at the famous Baron HS, Appearance, things of different opinions , If he is not good-looking, I won't choose him . Appearance fashion , Full and round , Design scale coordination .LED The headlight design is very nice , It's bright at night . With running water turn signal , Look at the full sense of Technology .

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