Traffic police tip: don't panic after running the red light carelessly. Doing so can avoid being deducted 6 points

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traffic police tip don panic

Presumably every friend who gets a driver's license knows the hardships of the process , Now the introduction of new driving test regulations is even worse , There are many people who have failed in the exam many times . It was also reported that the driving test in the future will be more and more difficult , Friends who get a driver's license should not take it lightly. Instead, they should be more cautious .

As we all know, only 12 points can be deducted from a driver's license every year , Once you pass, you have to take the driving test again . Drivers must not take chances , I think as long as I escape the eyes of the traffic police, I don't have to be punished . With the development of science and technology, monitoring is everywhere on the road , There are even many hidden , If you don't pay attention, you'll be photographed .

Such phenomena as running a red light, let alone , Any shooting will be punished , In addition to deducting six points, you have to pay a fine of 200 . In addition to those who deliberately run the red light, there are some purely unintentional actions , But generally speaking, they do the same , Now that you've broken through, just drive forward .

such “ smash a pot to pieces just because it 's cracked -- write oneself off as hopeless and act recklessly ” Your psychology is actually wrong , In this regard, the traffic police also prompted : Don't panic when you run the red light accidentally , This will avoid being detained 6 branch . How do you do it , First of all, we need to know how to run a red light , Generally speaking, there is only one monitor to capture the red light running at the intersection , As long as three consecutive photos of vehicles passing through the intersection can constitute the fact of running a red light .

These three photos are : Automobile front tire pressure line 、 The rear tire pressure line and the car go out of the range of solid line , If only the front and rear tire pressure lines are photographed, it is at best a cross line driving . The nature of crossing the line is different from running a red light , The former means that the driver does not brake in time or makes a mistake due to a temporary mistake , It belongs to unintentional loss .

If caught in this situation, the maximum fine is 50 yuan , So car owners must do this after running the red light accidentally , That is, even if you press the line, you can't continue to drive forward , Stop the car, don't go forward or back , Wait for the green light before continuing through . Of course, when you travel, you should still pay attention to standard driving , The purpose is not to reduce or avoid punishment , But for their own safety .

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