"Small Cayenne" will enter China, equipped with 3.0T engine, X1 has no choice

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small cayenne enter china equipped

In the past two years, there have been reports on the Internet that Porsche will release ,30 About 10000 people-friendly small Cayenne ”Majun“ The news of , In fact, many people were very excited when they first saw the price , But there was a lot of speculation before , But there is no clear message , Let's take a look at the overall performance of this car today ,30 Whether he can surpass Mercedes Benz at a price of more than 10000 yuan , BMW and audi , Become an entry-level luxury SUV Where are the pioneers of ? Porsche succeeded !30W“ Little Cayenne ” Will enter China , with 3.0T The engine ,X1 There's no way

In the whole design , This car is an integral part of Porsche's family language , The focus of foreign countries is to highlight his luxury SUV The temperament of , In the front , The grid design of China Grid is exaggerated , Match with strong chrome trim , Rendered a more fashionable luxury car style . The design of the headlights is quite classic and Macan It's the same , It looks round , In the gas field bba Incomparable .4.46 Meters long and 2.6 Meter wheelbase , The overall dimension parameters are relatively general , As a compact luxury SUV In fact, its internal space performance is of the same level . The size side can see that its highlight is the suspended roof with a straight waist line , In addition, the through tail lamp and sporty exhaust layout are adopted on the rear of the car , Set off his whole sports trip .

The interior maintains a more family layout style , It's very stereoscopic , The sense of hierarchy is also obvious , Although the embedded central control screen does not show enough in the sense of science and Technology , But the function and operability are still first-class , The wide rectangular frame creates a very good sense of fashion .

motivation , It may carry 2.0t and 3.0t The engine of , There is also news that he will launch hybrid and pure electric models , From this aspect, we can see that it is fully catering to the domestic market , We are trying our best to meet the diversified needs of the domestic market , Even BMW X1 There's no way .

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