I insist on choosing modern Sonata when changing cars. Owner: the key is to have face

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insist choosing modern sonata changing

The auto market is a survival of the fittest 、 The arena of survival of the fittest , Amazing good cars are constantly on the market .“ Big Mac in the parking lot ” BMW X5, So far, it has been highly praised .“ The king of family ” The public Polo, Status is difficult to surpass , Brilliant performance . With the continuous updating of models , Only find the goal of self-development , To stand out from the crowd . Like modern Sonata . To learn more about this car , We interviewed the owner, Mr. Wang , hand 19 ten thousand , I insist on choosing modern Sonata , The owner : The key is to have face . Now let the car owner express his true feelings !

It looks tough and suitable for young people . The lines are smooth , The shape of the whole body is very fashionable . Very satisfied with the lights , I just don't know why the lamp eyebrow is only worn with low matching . Look good , But why not the front fog lights . The overall interior upholstery is quite satisfactory . The central control display screen is also a resistance screen with low resolution , There's no smart technology . The interior upholstery was pretty good overall , Very atmospheric , There is no wood grain like mingtu , I prefer . No smell , I like the interior design very much .

Very satisfied with , There is no room to be picky . Leg space is definitely not as comfortable as Suo Jiu . The only regret is that the back row can't be put down ( Skoda speedster can put down the rear seats ). The space in the trunk doesn't say , There's no problem with three or four large suitcases . These spaces can really , I just want to get married and have children , Not crowded , Super big , Very comfortable . The suspension is soft and hard , very good . The tire noise is too loud, and the sound insulation is a little poor , And the interior makes frequent abnormal noises , I always feel uncomfortable . The seat material is very soft , It's very comfortable to sit up .

But the power is good in the middle and late stage , There is obvious back pushing feeling in sports mode . I feel very good , When the turbine intervenes, the sound is very moving , The head is dizzy with great momentum . Although there is no S files , But stepping on the accelerator deeply has a chicken blood switch , Overtaking is absolutely confident . During the commute , Overtaking is fast , Starting is not meat . Pretty good , Now in the running in period , Average speed 40, The fuel consumption is eight , Not bad .

The car is not big or small , The handling is just right . The steering direction is very good . The shock absorption is a little hard , It can't compare with Japanese cars , It's kind of like SUV. Slide in neutral ( Don't mention chang ), Not to save fuel , Driving inertia . After opening , I want to say six words : A good car needs no more words !

Sum up : hand 19 ten thousand , I insist on choosing modern Sonata , The owner : The key is to have face . After listening to the owner's sharing , I think , The modern Sonata is of the same class , Got a lot of applause , The door is heavy , I like the appearance very much . The interior design is quite good , Well behaved . Space meets practical , And don't waste . Buying this car is about its comfort . Compared with other peers , The cost performance of modern Sonata is absolutely not backward . For this modern sonata with excellent ability , What are the views of all riders ?

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