Buy Audi A8 is rich? Only after reading can I understand that a real local tyrant must be able to drive

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buy audi a8 rich reading

audi A8 As a commercial high-end car in the Audi family , It also costs a lot . And only successful bosses can drive . however , People who can buy this car need to know that it's not a hammer deal . Maintenance of luxury cars like this , Fuel consumption is a burning factor . Look at the picture below , This is a paragraph 14 Imported Audi in A8L, The car is two years old , You can still buy 65 Ten thousand buy it now .

45 TFSI quattro Luxury , The new car plus the purchase tax is about 1.1 million .

The overall appearance of the car is mature and stable , Without losing atmosphere . Plus the high price , Worthy of being a good choice for successful people .

Except for high appearance , It is also equipped with a lot of high-end electronic equipment , Let the user control the whole vehicle with ease . It doesn't have a watch like some cars .

Except for electronics, of course , Such a car can not be without a strong heart , a 3.0T V6 The supercharged engine provides powerful power . Maximum horsepower 290 Ps, powerful , Excellent control , The comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers has reached 12.3 l , The fuel consumption is really not small .

The luxurious interior also shows the essence of its luxury car , As a business car, the space size is appropriate , It can also be used as a family car . Dark brown seats , Matching mahogany pattern accessories , Show all the luxury .

in general , audi A8 The configuration can be regarded as high-end in Audi , This also makes it one of the luxury cars . I've seen so much , We also know that ordinary bosses can't start . This car has the atmosphere of a business car , It can also be flexibly used as a family car , And the hardware and software are not backward . The price is high , Maintenance fees and fuel consumption are not low . therefore , See such a car passing on the road , This is really a big boss .

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