BMW plans to change the standard to distinguish between medium and low-end models. Owner: do you have to have a stepmother?

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bmw plans change standard distinguish

Cars have now been integrated into public life , But car brands are also divided into three, six, nine and so on ! But speaking of everyday luxury cars , You must think of BMW 、 Mercedes 、 Cars like Audi ! But at home , Most rich people like to drive a BMW ! Because BMW is the embodiment of face , A symbol of identity .

BMW models have always been popular with the public , Its models and lines are very beautiful , The appearance is also very atmospheric , But because the price is too high , Most people can't afford . So BMW has lowered the threshold in recent years , Launched a lot of low-end Series BMW cars at a price acceptable to the public , With the arrival of low-end cars , In recent years, BMW's sales are still considerable !

Because the threshold of BMW has been lowered , So there are more people buying BMW cars , Because no matter what the price is, it's a BMW car , Ordinary people don't pay attention to , It's impossible to distinguish , Is it BMW's low-end car or high-end car ! But recently it was revealed that BMW was going to change its logo , Everyone didn't care at first , Just change the logo, nothing , It's no big deal ! I'm used to seeing the current logo , It's better to change another one !

Compared with the old BMW logo , In fact, there has been no change , It's just the blue and white color of the original logo , Into a black and white color ! This black and white color feels a little more atmospheric than the blue and white color , The public also like to accept .

But the unexpected thing is , BMW is not simply changing the logo , It is used to distinguish BMW's high-end and low-end models ! The message came out , The majority of car owners can't sit still and make a sound : Do you have to get a stepmother ? Many netizens also think that some car owners bought BMW just for face , Even low-end cars , The logo is the same as that of high-end cars , Ordinary people can't see it at all . But now you make such a distinction , Everyone can tell , Are we buying a low-end car or a high-end car , Isn't this forcing us to buy high-end cars ?

Netizens expressed their satisfaction with BMW's new logo , To distinguish between high-end and low-end models , Very resistant , They all said that BMW's move was afraid to cool itself ! If BMW really wants to distinguish between high-end and low-end models in the future , So will you still buy BMW's low-end cars ? Welcome to leave a message for discussion .

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