More girls' favorite color collar 06 contrast rim / wild berry purple exposure

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girls favorite color collar contrast

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【 Old driver news - Zhang Yuchen 】 recently , Brother learned from Lingke official , Led the g 06 Introduced a new color matching and a new contrast wheel , This new color is named raspberry purple , It is more fashionable to match with the contrast wheel . In the poster for link 06 The beauty as a foil also shows that the main target users of the color matching are women . Led the g 06 It's the smallest one in the link family SUV, The length, width and height are respectively 4340/1820/1625mm, The wheelbase 2640mm. The compact body is matched with the trendy color , It is very suitable for young people's taste , The just launched wild berry purple color is similar to that of Porsche “ Ice berry powder ” The colors are very similar , More popular with girls . Led the g 06 The interior of the car has a great sense of Technology , Using a full LCD dashboard + Design of large central control screen , And the interior adopts an irregular layout , Full sense of design . Dynamic part , Fuel Lingke 06 Pick up a 1.5T Three cylinder engine , The most powerful 177 horsepower , Peak torque 255 cattle · rice , Transmission matching 7DCT transmission .

The following is cash link 06

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