Yu Yuexian died in a car accident at 3:30 in the morning. Is the star worth the high pay?

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yu yuexian died car accident

Yu Yuexian died in a car accident at 3:30 a.m , Whether stars are worth high pay is thought-provoking ;“ Thank you ” Death on duty , Is the star wronged when he gets high pay ?

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ah , Still can't believe it , I still think Yu Yuexian's death is too sudden , Because she was still interacting with everyone in the live broadcast a few days ago , She's picking mushrooms , Fortunately , She was really happy at that time , It's just , The accident came too suddenly !

When the news ferments, it returns to , Yu Yuexian actually had a car accident because she had to go to the activity site at 3:30 in the morning , There were three people in the car , The other two are fine , And Yu Yuexian sat in the back , Maybe he was thrown out without wearing his seat belt , because , The car just hit two camels , The impact caused the accident !

therefore , How do you say , Yu Yuexian died unexpectedly because of her work , So here comes the question , What we usually say , Stars get high pay , Are they worth it ? In the end, they were criticized for high pay , Said the star's money came too fast , And it's too easy to make money , This kind of view , Are you still unjust , For Stars ?

you 're right , Actor star , They do make money easily , An artist once said , Actor is one of the most dangerous professions , therefore , Their high pay is also a guarantee , Like Yu Yuexian and 《 Princess huanzhu 》 Play Liu Dan with fragrance in , Died in filming , And a car accident like Hu Ge , Like a blast , Many actors will get hurt For example, Yu Haoming and SHE member , They were burned by the explosion , So , Their pay is relatively high , Is it worth it ?

This is the question to be discussed today , I hope you will speak enthusiastically , For stars, get high pay , The saying that actors are a high-risk profession , What do you think ?

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