It is not just "Xie Dajiao" who is regretted. Each of the three stars who died in a car accident is heartbreaking

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xie dajiao regretted. regretted stars

《 Rural love 》 The iron powder of the series is really heartbroken this time , Because in the play “ Thank you ” Actress Yu Yuexian , On 9 I ran into a car accident on the way to filming , To die or die .

You never know which comes first tomorrow or accident , But the only thing you can be sure of is ,《 Rural love 》 Lost a great soul role forever , Let every man in the play covet “ A flower from ivory Hill ”.

The car accident took him away 50 Year old Yu Yuexian , And she is in the most brilliant and eye-catching struggle stage of her life . In the show business , There are also many artistic lives in her prime of life , Because of an unexpected car accident , And being forced to draw an end to life regret .

1、 Yu Yuexian

Yu Yuexian's growth experience and artistic talent , Is admirable . Born in a son preference northern family , I didn't abandon myself , On the contrary, she always believed that she could realize her personal dreams and values , Prove to those who believe that “ Women are inferior to men ” My folks, look .

Just graduated, she was assigned to the school as a teacher , That was the most admired job of that era “ Iron rice bowl ” One of the jobs , But Yu Yuexian is determined to take the Chinese opera exam , No one looked after her at that time , Especially her father , Because of this, she fell into a long cold war .

A child growing up on the grassland wants to see the outside world ? Not only does it sound like a fantasy , And she has no matching resources to support .

I have to admire the people of that era , In order to realize your dream, you can concentrate , The spirit of enduring the harsh external environment . Yu Yuexian is doing the dirty work of cleaning in the reception room of the school , While secretly signing up for a cram school, he worked hard to make up his art examination knowledge .

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