Another domestic car "puffed up", with automatic transmission of more than 70000 and fuel consumption of 6L, sold 58000 cars in half a year

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domestic car puffed automatic transmission

Because the domestic automobile industry is relatively to Germany 、 Japan 、 The United States started a little late , As a result, domestic brands have been sold by Nissan for a long time 、 Honda 、 Toyota 、 Mainstream joint venture brands such as Volkswagen and Buick oppress , therefore , Whenever a domestic car is recognized by the market , We will all feel very excited like winning a gold medal in the Olympic Games , among SUV Harvard in the field H6、 Bo Yue 、 changan CS75 PLUS、 The market popularity and reputation of BYD song and other domestic cars are very surprising , After all SUV The top three in the sales list have been dominated by our domestic cars . And the car field, although not SUV There are so many star models in the field , But Geely Imperial 、 Ariza 5、 mg 5、 Biadiqin 、 The steady development of Chang'an Yidong's market performance also puts great pressure on the joint venture cars .

After Dihao , Another dark horse appeared in domestic cars , Successfully push the domestic car market into a “ The new age ”. From the previous joint venture brand dominating the world, it has been reversed to a situation close to bipedal confrontation , The car from 2018 After going public in , With high cost performance 、 good-looking 、 The characteristics of large space are recognized by consumers , The next month after listing, the sales volume broke 10000 , The development can still maintain a hot market state , In the first half of this year, the total sales reached 5.8 Thousands of cars , Successfully put Cruz 、 Ling sent 、 Honda Xiangyu and other joint venture veterans lag behind , I have to sigh : Another domestic car “ a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment ”, automatic 7 More than ten thousand , Fuel consumption 6L, Sell... Half a year 5.8 Thousands of cars . It's the main character today - roewe i5.

roewe i5 If you can be listed, you will be recognized by consumers , I think the price has a big advantage , What's its selling price 6.79-8.99 Between ten thousand , Among them, automatic transmission models 7 More than ten thousand , Change to the joint venture car camp at the same level , At least 10 More than ten thousand , This is for consumers with insufficient budgets , There is no doubt that it is a timely help . But low prices don't mean cheap , Because the moment you open the door , You don't feel cheap at all , All standard 10.25 Inch display and 3.5 Inch LCD dashboard , A lot of soft material packages and younger colors , Plus a three spoke multifunction steering wheel , The sense of grade and science and technology jointly created are comparable to the top matching Xuanyi .

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