Cars also open blind boxes? Inventory of blind bookings in cars

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cars open blind boxes inventory

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I don't know when , The culture of opening the blind box has swept the country , And then later derived “ Blind binding ”. Cars as commodities , Many brands have also begun to follow suit , Many new cars that are not yet on the market have launched blind bookings , Some of these cars didn't even offer the pre price , You can order a car , Today we'll take a look at cars “ Blind binding ” Those things .

One 、 What is blind booking ?

The so-called blind subscription , It means when the price of the product is not announced , Only with some simple information released by the manufacturer in advance , Just generously unpack , Pay a deposit . For consumers , The biggest advantage of blind subscription is , The deposit is often low , Many manufacturers' blind order amount is even less than 100 yuan .

What are the benefits of blind subscription to consumers ?

For blind subscribers , The manufacturer will also give many preferential or welfare policies later , For example, send them for maintenance 、 Decorating gift bags is a routine operation . There are also a considerable number of consumers , Just to pick up the car early , It's equivalent to arranging a number in advance .

For consumers , Personally, I think we should adhere to rational consumption , After all, cars are bulk consumption , It is recommended to understand the product before selling . But if you are paying for your feelings , I can only say that true love is priceless , Money can't buy you happiness .

What are the benefits of blind ordering for manufacturers ?

Blind ordering is equivalent to helping manufacturers , Do the last product research before the new car goes on the market , Make a thorough survey of the market , See how many consumers are willing to take out real money before the product goes on the market , And see how many are “ Sure next time ” Wait and see consumers with money . The blind box culture originated in Japan , At first, it was a blessing bag , Because I don't know what dolls are inside or around , It stimulates people's psychology of pursuing stimulation , So as to greatly increase consumers' consumption desire .

In my memory... In China “ Blind box ” Culture should go back to 90 years , From some instant noodles 、 Simply face the various battle cards launched by the brand . stay 2016 In the year , A matt pushed the blind box product to the extreme , So this marketing model began to be popular in China .

1、 Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 X( Parameter picture )

Blind subscription amount :99 element /2999 element

For example, Dongfeng Citroen Versailles, which became popular because of the model name a while ago C5 X Recently opened the blind subscription mode , There are still many patterns , Let's see what new ways to play .

front 3000 name : Can be obtained 500 Yuan worth buying two-color body and luggage rack , This is a discount , Not a gift , You need to see clearly .

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