2020 maiteng is on the market! The configuration is upgraded again. When you see the price, riders: no fire, no reason

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maiteng market configuration upgraded again.

Volkswagen's models have always performed well in China's market , Not so long ago , Volkswagen has also upgraded one of its models , Great changes have taken place from inside to outside , It can be said that it caters well to the group changes of domestic consumers , So let's take a look at this one 2020 What kind of excellent strength performance does maiteng have after the mid-term modification of the model .2020 Maiteng is on the market ! Configure and then upgrade , See the price , Cool, : No fire, no justice

First, from his appearance , The style of this car has a very strong family flavor , At the same time, the latest family design language makes the performance of this car quite good , The first two parts of the net are more flat , The matrix lamp groups on both sides are connected with it , Combined with chrome embellishment , It also shows a good sense of power , The fog lamp irradiation effect is also very excellent , At the same time, its side is also the German style we are very familiar with , Straight waistline and through design , Let him also have a more powerful integration style , The shape of the tail is round and full , The interior of the tail lights has been upgraded , The added letters also make its visual effect more advanced .

Its interior also creates a very high-level performance , The through air outlet looks very recognizable , Quartz clocks are also reserved , This ensures the high sense of this car , In addition, the full LCD instrument panel continues to be equipped , The upgrade of design style makes this car look more durable , The functions of the central control LCD screen are very rich , Leather wrapped seats are upgraded with diamond checkered patterns , It also has a higher sense of premium and comfort , The whole internal expressiveness has reached a very high level .

motivation , What it carries is 1.4t and 2.0t The dynamic parameters of the engine are basically consistent with the cash , Each can achieve 150 186 and 220 horsepower , Maximum capacity , Respectively 250 320 and 350 Cattle meters , The transmission is matched 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , Let's be very familiar with the dynamic parameters of this car , So it's natural for us to say more about its stability ,

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