The public is too kind! Build a "cheap sedan", with top three parts for national six, and the fuel consumption is only 5.5L

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public kind build cheap sedan

German performance cars undoubtedly have a very good performance , In addition to the performance Department of Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi , In this market , The public also shows a certain strength , For example, Volkswagen's golf r, As a civilian performance car , The level shown by this car can be said to be quite high at the same time , It's also my favorite car , Because it really has a very good quality , So for a performance car like this , It's still very popular , Except golf r outside , And cheaper GTI, Although this car is cheap , But it has a very good standard in many aspects , This is my personal favorite , So for now , Volkswagen is still very popular in the performance car market .

In addition to these performance cars , In fact, Volkswagen has some performance benchmarks of ordinary cars with excellent strength , For example, the public CC This car , It's not just about beauty , But also has a very strong motivation , In particular, its top version can bring a better driving experience , In contrast to the same level , The advantage is obvious .

besides , stay a+ In the car market , The public also has a good performance , For example, Volkswagen's Sagitar l As a benchmark model , Soar team l Since the update , Its overall experience is even better , Especially its top version , This is my personal preference , It has excellent German quality and driving experience , Combined with excellent power, it has become an ACE model , Except for speed l Outside this car , What about the car we're going to talk about today , It can be said that the public is too kind ! make “ Cheap sedan ”, National six with top three pieces , Fuel consumption only 5.5L, This car is Volkswagen lingdu .

It is also a Volkswagen model , Its overall performance is also excellent , This is my personal favorite , More Than This , Its own configuration is more abundant , And in terms of price , It's relatively inexpensive , For this point, we can really feel the sincerity of the public , There are three top pieces , The price is also cheap , It can be said to be a “ Cheap sedan ” 了 .

As a wide body sedan , Its appearance is undoubtedly very attractive , The overall design style is very simple , But in simplicity, it reveals an extraordinary temperament , And some of its details make it look more like a car running style , And what I personally like more is its tail design , It looks very sensational .

One of its driving forces is also good , It has a 1.4t High power of , Turbocharged engines can bring 150 horsepower , And it's still a country 6 Discharge vehicle , This competitiveness is OK , More Than This , As a benchmark model , The public pays great attention to its driving experience , In high-speed driving, we can fully feel the strength of the public , More Than This , The acceleration ability of this car is also good , But also can control it well , And its fuel consumption is only 5.5L about .

The interior atmosphere is very good , With a good sound insulation , And its tire noise and shock absorption are really good , It is worth mentioning that , The configuration of this car is really rich , Although the overall design atmosphere is relatively flat , But this is also the charm of the public , Moreover, this set of interior style has also been affirmed by many people .

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