Now back in China, with V6 engine rear drive, it doesn't choose 3 series

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china v6 engine rear drive

In the whole auto market , Although there are models that have always been very popular with consumers , But it has slowly disappeared into the whole auto market , There are various reasons , As consumers, we don't know . Today we're going to talk about an old model that used to be very popular , It has disappeared in the whole market 7 Years of time . He is Toyota's ambition , This car used to be a trump card than a car , It may be popular in the whole market . After he pulled out of the whole market , The voice of resuming production has always been relatively high . Recently, it was reported that Toyota was about to make a comeback for him , Now let's take a look .

This is the latest model of a medium-sized car , For many friends , The whole design and appearance are very close to the current mainstream Aesthetics , The overall design method is also quite atmospheric. The full front is matched with full headlights , Reasonable structure , Extraordinarily beautiful . But this design also has a common problem , It is slightly weaker in the sense of movement .

As a medium-sized car , Its overall body size and spatial performance is a weakness , Because the overall dimensions of Passat or maiteng or Camry and accord of the same level are close 4.9 rice , Or more than 4.9 m , The length of this car is only 4.75 rice , The width of the car is only 1.795 rice , What is the height of the car 1.45 rice , The wheelbase is 2.85 rice .

Such a size is very outdated among the models with many homely versions nowadays , The wheelbase is also low , This size is the same as the previous generation 2013 The models are as like as two peas , After all these years , No progress in size , It's also puzzling .

At present, this car has been discontinued for nearly 7 Years. , Now go back online , I wonder if Toyota is going to revive him , If you want to revive this model , Then we must work hard on the body size , After all, the wind direction of the whole market is large-size and large space models , Consumers also prefer this type of model , For example, the Asian Dragon is an infinitely close to 5 Rice cart .

The power estimation will also be carried to the configuration of the changed model ,2.5 Ascending is 6 Cylinder naturally aspirated engine and 3.5 L naturally aspirated engine , This data is not particularly clear at present , But if he decides to be consistent with the old model , Then the power regulation efficiency must be on the high side , It is, after all, 2013 Years of data , I hope this car can carry 8at Your gearbox . also , The old model of Ruizhi is the rear drive , In terms of handling, this car is not inferior to BMW 3 system .

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