Let "Yankong" love it. Little brother takes you to see the new Baojun RS-3

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let yankong love it. little

Today, , It's not difficult to buy a car , But it's not very easy to buy a favorite car , Especially for young consumers , While being pragmatic , Nor can we give up the pursuit of beauty . New Baojun RS-3 As a product for young people SUV, It's a good value for money SUV 了 , It not only has a young appearance , And the car experience is also good . Let's take a look at this car today .

New Baojun RS-3 2020 paragraph 1.5L CVT The front face is the most eye-catching feature of the intelligent luxury model , Adopt personalized headlamp design , It's visually powerful .

From the side , The size of the car is 4300/1750/1615mm, The wheelbase 2550mm, Matched with Jinhu tires , The specifications of the front and rear tires are 205/60 R16.

New Baojun RS-3 The tail shape is quite full , A lot of horizontal lines are used , The exhaust layout uses a hidden design , And match it with smoked tail lights , Give people a sense of handsome tough guy .

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