Who can drive Ford? How many years can you afford to drive? Are there many shortcomings in the Ford field

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drive ford years afford drive

Mr. Wang, the car owner, is my close friend , Also a car owner , Who can drive Ford ? How many years of income can afford to drive ? Are there many shortcomings in Ford's field . We'll wait and see what Mr. Wang, the car owner, thinks .

The whole appearance feels very stable . Appearance has always been a matter of different opinions , Anyway, I feel that the appearance of the collar is definitely not ugly .LED Daytime running light , Improve driving safety , It also improves recognition . Combined motion hub , Make the whole vehicle look young and fashionable . The interior of the joint venture car at the same price definitely ranks first . You can see the flat dashboard , Show clearly , It's like making clothes . The interior design has a sense of science and Technology , The material is also very good , All kinds of soft leather materials are very classy . The most important thing is the interior , Like his atmosphere lamp , Like its configuration .

I feel very big. My father and wife say that there is a lot of comfortable space and will not be depressed . Not high ,1 rice 7, The seats are adjusted to the front , Back row space bar , It's OK to cross your legs . It also supports putting down the rear seats , Anything can be moved PK Moving company . The boundary space is much larger than that of ordinary compact models , In particular, there is a lot of space in the rear row and trunk . Overall comfort , It's better to sit . When passing the barricade , I can't feel the bumps . Running at high speed is a little noisy , Acceptable . The texture of the seat is relatively hard , Poor wrapping .

But for the big guys who pursue driving fun , The power is slightly insufficient . powerful , It's all about it 1.5t Turbocharged engine , It's very easy to speed up . I'm very motivated, which is also a point I want to boast , The throttle blew , It's like flying . Occasionally drive high-speed , Speeding up is also awesome . The trip computer shows 8.6 An oil , O.k. , After all 1.6 Tons of weight .

Personally, I think the handling is pretty good . The steering wheel is accurate , Where to hit . It doesn't roll much when turning , It always gives people a sense of security and confidence . Running out of steam , The throttle response will also be slow . Driving so far , My mood can be described in eight words : perfect contentment , impeccably !

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