These six master Santana are easy to be despised, and the license plate instantly appreciated by one million

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master santana easy despised license

Santana as a low-end car , Its sales are still very good , For those who need a car and can't accept the high price , Santana is a good choice . With the launch of the new Santana , The old models should also gradually withdraw from the stage of history . But , The following cars can't be underestimated , Although the car is not worth a few money , But look at people's license plates , Is there a sudden surge in value ! Let's have one first 77777.

And this car from Chengdu, Sichuan is also 77777 Bomb number . Such a license plate is now worth 200 All the .

The license plate of the sixth consecutive number in Jinan, Shandong Province is worth 300 More than ten thousand , It's worth more than a luxury car .

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