Volkswagen compact SUV has a wheelbase of 2680mm and a fuel consumption of only 6L. It is also equipped with LED headlights as standard

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volkswagen compact suv wheelbase 2680mm

In recent years , The development of major automobile brands is very rapid , Its subsidiaries have also launched new models one after another , To consolidate their market position . Have to say , Current domestic SUV The model is loved by consumers , Especially Honda CRV、 Volkswagen Tiguan and Toyota Rongfang , With their excellent exterior design and interior design , It has a good prospect in the market . But there is such a car in China , It's Volkswagen's compact suv Road yue , The wheelbase 2680mm Fuel consumption only 6l, It is also standard led headlight , It's really kind of you to do it , At the same time, it can also be said that it is a car envied by models of the same level .

In fact, this tuyue , In addition to its excellent appearance design , Its interior design is also quite good , Not inferior to Honda CRV The design of the . besides , The car also has excellent quality and configuration , Further enhance their charm in the market . Last , The car comes on the market with excellent cost performance , Won the hearts of many consumers . Of course , Now it has a good reputation in the market , Won a certain market position and sales . Let's take a look at this car !

Tuyue's front face design is excellent , Multi amplitude air inlet grille is adopted , With blackened Zhongwang , Let its front face look very fierce and wild . secondly , Then it is equipped with an upward raised lower grille design , Makes it look more sharp and divine . Last , Bright headlight groups on both sides , More eye-catching .

From the side , Tuyue also did a very beautiful job , It adopts a smooth and slender waistline design , Let it have a good visual sense , Compared with Honda of the same class CRV Return beauty . besides , It is also a highlight in terms of space , Its length, width and height are respectively 4453×1841×1632mm, Wheelbase reached 2680mm, According to this size , It is enough for daily use . All in all , The side design of the car is also excellent , It is much better than the model at the same level .

As for interior design , Tuyue center console is wrapped with soft materials in a large area , Let it have a good texture . secondly , It also adds piano baking paint and metal trim , It seems that the interior is of a higher grade . Last , It is also equipped with an embedded LCD , It can enhance the sense of science and technology of the interior to a certain extent .

And in the power system , Tuyue carries one 1.4T as well as 2.0T Two turbocharged engines , Maximum power is 110/137kw, Peak torque is 250/320 Cattle meters , And what matches that is 7 Double clutch gearbox . Final , The comprehensive fuel consumption of the car is only 6L, The fuel economy is excellent , Become their own bright spot , At the same time, it also makes it more suitable for daily transportation .

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