How to drive skillfully? The old driver reminds you: pay attention to details

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drive skillfully old driver reminds

Although now in the domestic auto market , Cars have become very popular , But for some car owners , Can't drive skillfully , There is still something missing . Look at those old drivers , It's really enviable . So how can I be proficient in driving ? Apart from experience , The old driver is also kind to remind all car owners , If you want to drive well , You have to pay special attention to the details .

The first 1 Start steadily . If you want to drive well , Skilled driving , Getting started is very important , Don't underestimate the start of the car , Details determine success or failure , In the hands of some old drivers , The car can start fast , And fast and steady . The key is the oil separation coordination , If the accelerator and clutch do not fit well , It may cause the car to stall , Do you understand ?

The first 2 One is to brake steadily . Car braking is as important as car starting , One is to let the car drive , The other is to stop the car , Some novice drivers like to slam on the accelerator , This will not only hurt the car , And the passengers in the car feel very bad . But under the operation of some old drivers , The inching brake can be used , Step on the brake slowly , The effect is very good .

The first 3 One is to overtake decisively . Technically speaking , Overtaking is not particularly difficult , The key is to find the right time to overtake , And change lanes decisively , Because when you hesitate , The traffic behind may have come , And miss the opportunity , Cause overtaking failure , If things are bad , It may even lead to traffic accidents .

To make a long story short , Pay attention to details when driving , The above three are very common , Generally speaking, this happens when driving , To grasp its essence , For example, the oil separation coordination problem , How to step on the brake better , There is also the opportunity to overtake , Have novice drivers learned ?

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