Lingke zero mass production car will be on the market next year, and the 3 second club will welcome new members

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lingke zero mass production car

You remember link ZERO This car ? At that time, it was an amazing appearance at the Beijing Auto Show , This car can be said to be jointly developed by Volvo and Geely , Using a lot of sophisticated technology , Led the g ZERO It can be said that it represents the highest level of Geely . And recently we learned from the media , Led the g ZERO Mass production vehicles will be officially launched next year , In the future, it will focus on the high-end automobile market .

Led the g ZERO The appearance of continues the family design , Photoelectric mapping aesthetics shows the beauty of this car incisively and vividly , The split headlamp unit and the energy crystal tail lamp have become a Peugeot Design , Highly recognizable .

The low lying body is matched with the big sliding back shape , Do you feel like a Porsche paramena ? The breath of sports is very strong . Led the g ZERO The body size of is 4850/1980/1530mm, Wheelbase reached 2999mm, This space performance is not inferior to BMW 5 system 、 audi A6L、 Mercedes E level , The driving experience is perfect .

The new car will add frameless induction electric door in the future 、 Fully automatic air suspension 、Yamaha Home Theater 、 Atmosphere lamp effect 、 Interactive whole car light language 、 Car camera 、CoPilot Highlight configuration such as automatic driving assistance system , May be said is full of sincerity .

Look at this dynamic parameter , Is there a feeling of Driving Super running ? future 3 One more member of the second club . Endurance is also a bright spot , exceed 700km Range of , Fully meet the world's top standards , Tesla has added another strong competitor in the future !

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