Maybach finally started on the pure electric SUV! 680 HP, 800 km endurance

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maybach finally started pure electric

Speaking of luxury brands, I think you will think of BMW for the first time 、 Mercedes 、 Audi, etc , What about going up ? Today, let's talk about the world's top luxury brand Maybach , Maybach, I think everyone knows , Although not as good as Rolls Royce and Bentley , But it is also an irreplaceable top luxury brand .

Recently, the magical overseas media learned about a group of Maybach EQS Rendering of vehicle model , This also indicates that top luxury brands have officially entered the electrification market , The new car uses Mercedes Benz EVA Pure electric platform , Although the official did not give the dynamic parameters , But it is clear that the maximum range will reach 800 km , This range must be like . The new car will run at Mercedes Benz EQS Pure electricity SUV Choose to go public after going public , The expected time of launch is 2023 year .

Maybach EQS It can be said that it is Maybach's first pure electric SUV, And from this car , Future Mercedes -AMG、 Mercedes - Maybach and Mercedes - Mercedes G New energy models will be launched in class , The era of electrification has come .

The above figure is a rendering , It still continues the family design , And added a two-color body design , The overall identification is very high .

The above picture shows a spy photo of a new car on the road , Triangular headlights have become one of Maybach's iconic designs , Highlight high-end quality .

As shown in the figure above , The new car will use one 680 Horsepower drive motor , The maximum range will reach 800 km , The performance is very strong . The problem is coming. , How much do you think is appropriate for this car ?

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