The Lamborghini bought for $8 million changed hands a few days later. 750000 was not wanted!

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lamborghini bought million changed hands

lamborghini , Everybody knows , A world-class sports car , I believe this car is the dream of many men . however 75 Have you seen the Lamborghini of Wan ? A foreign Lamborghini owner wants to sell his car , The price is only 75 ten thousand , You know, the owner of this car spent half a month ago 800 Million purchased . Why sell at such a low price now ? The most important thing is that no one wants this car !

according to the understanding of , This is an accident car , Not long after I bought it, the owner drove it into a big tree , It turned the car into two . And the owner is too lazy to repair it , Just want to sell at the lowest price .

You can see from the picture , This is this car 800 The second half of the Wanlan bokini . I believe that even people who are very interested in Lamborghini , Seeing such a car , Will suddenly lose interest , Buy it back and repair it , Its repair cost is not low , Not ordinary people can afford .

Although the car has become like this , It's a pity , But the owner is not a big deal , Enough to prove the safety of this million class sports car . Perhaps this is why local tyrants spend thousands of money to buy them .

Eight million Lamborghini became like this , It's something everyone doesn't want to see , Now, of course 75 There is also a reason why no one dares to buy , After all, the money to restore the car to its original appearance , Enough to buy a nice car . I have to mention that , Drivers of this luxury car need some training before driving , So in advance, you have friends of Lamborghini , Don't pursue the enjoyment of speed too much , Otherwise, it would be like the owner , Last 75 No one wants a million Lamborghini .

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