The car accident is as fierce as a tiger! More than ten artists died in a car accident. Yu Yuexian is a pity. Liu Dan is sad

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car accident fierce tiger artists

8 month 9 Number , A news released by the media made many netizens feel sad ,50 Year old “ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian died in a car accident . Subsequently, many artists and netizens in the circle mourned , Subsequently, the specific cause of Yu Yuexian's car accident was also exposed .

It is reported that , Yu Yuexian is 8 month 9 Take... In the early morning of the th SUV, Collided with two camels , Only Yu Yuexian died in a car . Not long ago , Some netizens who hit the scene directly exposed the scene of the car accident , According to his introduction , The situation at the scene is tragic , Two camels were hit with guts everywhere , And said with emotion :“ Normal speed should not cause such an accident scene .”

It is said that , Ten accidents, nine quick , Although the police did not disclose the specific cause of the accident ( The speed of the car 、 In terms of seat belts ), But as the netizens said , If it is normal speed, it really won't cause such serious consequences , Of course, it also has something to do with seat belts , After all “ Xiang Fei ” Liu Dan died in a car accident for this reason .

Review the artists in the circle , More than Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Often said “ The car accident was as fierce as a tiger ” It's really not a children's play , I advise you to drive carefully , Never be tired 、 Drunk driving and speeding .

Fu Sheng 、 Zhang Yusheng

As early as 70 To 80 In time , Zhang Che, the famous director, has several well-known Xiaosheng , Dillon 、 Wang Yu and others are one of them , Later, they all became powerful masters in charge of their own . Only one person makes people regret , He is Fu Sheng , Fu Sheng could have been like Dillon , But died in a car accident .

It is reported that Fu Sheng was driving at that time (28 year ) My brother Zhang Zhensheng , When they passed a corner of clear water bay , Fu Sheng, their car crashed into the mountain 、 Turn the car over 、 The front of the car was badly damaged .

Fu Sheng was hit by the audio equipment in the car and broke his ribs , Leading to death by inserting ribs into the heart . At that time, there was no legislation in Hong Kong to force passengers to wear seat belts , Fu Sheng is seriously injured in head and chest , Rushed to Kwun Tong United Christian Hospital for first aid , Because of a severe concussion in the brain , Internal organs are seriously injured , He died a month later .

Zhang Yusheng (31 year ) The classics left behind are still memorable , The first 《 The sea 》 I believe it will spread for a hundred years . Can't say “ Days jealous person of outstanding ability ”, It can only be said that the car accident is as fierce as a tiger , In front of it , anybody , No means of transportation is omnipotent .1997 year , Zhang Yusheng died of a disease caused by a car accident .

About the cause of his car accident , There are still many versions . Some people say it's drunk driving , Some people say it's fatigue driving , Even the reasons for poor design have emerged . But in the end, the result given by the police was fatigue driving . Then because of aspiration pneumonia , First aid is ineffective and death .

Liu Dan 、 Xu Weilun 、 Yu Lu 、 Paul Walker

There are many reasons for car accidents , fatigue 、 Drunk driving 、 Speed is one of them , No matter for young artists , Or for powerful stars .

“ Xiang Fei ” Liu Dan (27 year ) because 《 Princess huanzhu 》 Known to the world , The innate temperament still makes netizens aftertaste , Her smile is always so beautiful . However, because of the accident, I didn't wear my seat belt , Eventually he was thrown out of the car and died , Maybe she wore her seat belt at that moment , It wouldn't have happened . What about Yu Yuexian ? Is it speed or seat belt ?

Xu Weilun's death is still unacceptable , The female artist has high ideals , I wanted to hold a solo concert like Wang Leehom , Some of the roles played (《 Meteor garden 》 Play Ah Xiang ) It is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people . It's a pity that the car accident is caused by the speed , At the age of 28 year .

What can a gorgeous face do ? Without good consciousness , No healthy body , It's all for nothing .29 Yu Lu is a new star in the entertainment industry , Used to be on TV 《 Police heroes 》、《 Behind the lie 》 I have a good performance in .16 Year of 7 month 27 The night , Unfortunately, he died in a car accident , At the age of 29 year .

Paul Walker wants a good face , Want wealth, have wealth , Acting is also acting , But was in a car accident ( Too fast ), Eventually lead to death .

Liu Shuo 、 Lausanne 、 Niu Zhenhua 、 Zhang Xiaoguang

06 Year one 《 Wudang 》 Born in the sky , The wonderful fighting scenes are still memorable , Jiao Enjun's immortal spirit is floating , Very consistent with the original . Play the role “ Mu Xin, son-in-law ” Liu Shuo is also remembered by the majority of netizens , Excellent acting skills are not inferior to those of old dramas .

17 year , It's also early in the morning , Liu Shuo died of drunk driving , At the age of 40 year .

Lausanne was once considered the most powerful comedian , He performed 《 Lausanne learned art 》 No one has surpassed , It is precisely because of this sketch , He became the favorite comedian of the audience . His talent is admirable , Both master Yin Bolin and comedians are full of praise .

It's also because drunk driving leads to excessive speed , As a result, Lausanne crashed into a large truck parked in the road under repair , Because the injury is too serious , Unfortunately died , Die instantly . He died at the age of 27 year .

Niu Zhenhua is like Lausanne , They are all good comedians . His achievements in art are the most unforgettable , Starred in a TV series 《 Lang is in Beijing 》、《 Prodigal son, great imperial envoy 》、《 Company 》、《 Legend of the God of wealth 》、《 Seven grade imperial envoy 》、《 A good dream can come true 》 And so on are the memories of a generation , He has also been on CCTV many times .

04 year , Died of drunk driving , At the age of 48 year .

Zhao Benshan's Apprentice Zhang Xiaoguang is not very well-known , But the familiar image also makes netizens remember deeply . He has starred with Xiao Shenyang 《 Laugh at the world 》 And the TV series 《 cherry 》 wait .

Unfortunately 16 In, Zhang Xiaoguang tried to speed up and follow the SUV in front through ETC Channel time , Hit by an automatically falling toll pole , Fall and die , At the age of 46 year .

Zhang Ju 、 Chen Yuyi

The emergence of rock and roll has changed the ideological trend of many people , Also let 80 Netizens in the s can't forget this for a long time , That sentence “ Rock is not dead ” Has accompanied the growth of many people . Zhang Ju, as the founder of the Tang Dynasty Band , The impact is not just those classic tracks ? His rock heart is the most important .

Even such a talented person can't escape the tragedy of the car accident ,95 Died of a car accident in , At the age of 25 year .

For Chen Yuyi , Many netizens don't know very well , But the smell of youth , And a strong creative talent that people still can't forget . Her album songs 《 Forget the river 》 Once boarded TVB The first champion song in the golden list of strong songs . Unfortunately, he died in a car accident , At the age of 26 year .

So many artists , So many talented stars are because of speed 、 Safety belt 、 Drunk driving died , It can be imagined how serious the consequences of the car accident are . So don't try to be quick , For a moment , A moment of courage to make yourself , Things that make relatives miserable .

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