Toyota has another "small steel gun", rear drive, 8 gears, 340 horsepower, breaking 100 in 4.3s. What Porsche do you want

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toyota small steel gun rear

Many people have their own dream car , It could be a Honda Accord , Or a luxury Mercedes Benz E level , As long as you have a dream, you deserve to be respected . When you already have a family car , I believe most people will want to own a small sports car ,5 Commute of seat models 、 It's very convenient to pick up children , It's more comfortable to drive a small sports car when you're alone . At present, the domestic market for small sports cars is not large , The representative model is BMW Z4 And Porsche 718, The latter is relatively more expensive . But the arrival of this car is very surprising , Once upon a time, it was also the youth of many people , This car is Toyota Supra, Toyota's small sports car . It's getting started 8 block + Double suspension , Yes 6 cylinder 340 horsepower , Zero 4.3s, What about Porsche 718.

For the family design of BMW and Porsche , I believe it's common for everyone , Porsche has round headlights , BMW has “ Double kidney ” Air intake grille , In contrast, Toyota Supra More attractive , Worthy of the title of ox demon king .Supra It feels like a wide body sports car , The whole body is very low ,LED The lamp set is also a new design , There is also a wide diversion channel below , The drag coefficient of the whole vehicle is very low . From the side , Toyota Supra It adopts the design of long head , The muscular feeling of the car body is very strong , It offers a variety of colors , Jiao Yueyin 、 Smoky rain ash and midnight black are very attractive , This desert yellow can be said to be the most recognizable color , It's very eye-catching . As a small sports car , Toyota Supra The length, width and height are respectively 4381*1867*1310mm, At the same time, the bottom also has ZR19 Multiple wheel hubs , Red calipers are a perfect match with this yellow paint .

After all, it's with BMW Z4 Same as platform ,Supra The whole interior design has a strong BMW flavor ,8.8 Inch suspended liquid crystal display with plastic keys arranged neatly below , And there is a large electronic gear lever , Full of BMW style . But to be honest , The interior design of this set is still a little plastic , At first glance, it looks like the old one 3 It doesn't make much difference . Toyota Supra Support wireless Carplay、 Intelligent voice control and control OTA Online upgrade features , The introduction comes with 9-12 One of the JBL sound , The technology configuration is very satisfactory . Have to say Supra Although it's a 2 A small sports car , But its comfort is still very good , The sports style seat supports very well , In addition, like front and rear parking radar 、ACC Cruise and active braking are standard , It's really sincere .

As a small sports car , Power output is naturally an aspect that cannot be ignored , Obviously Toyota is not Supra Work hard , The entry-level model is only equipped with 2.0T In line 4 Cylinder turbocharged engine , The maximum horsepower is only 197 horse , Although it is more than enough for a model of this size , But with Porsche 718 The introduction version of 250 Horsepower is very different . Toyota Supra It's a rear drive , Double independent suspension at front and rear , If you pursue the ultimate driving pleasure , Believe in top matching Supra It won't let people down ,3.0T In line 6 A two cylinder turbocharged engine can explode 340 The power of horse , With the blessing of BMW platform ,Supra The stability and handling of the whole vehicle are further improved , The fastest acceleration is only 4.3s. Actually Supra This powertrain is similar to BMW Z4 Agreement , Including engine and ZF 8AT transmission , But by contrast Supra The shape is more fighting , It's not as attractive as Z4 weak .

Toyota Supra It's a small sports car , Its whole appearance looks very combative , Exaggerated lines 、 The bright yellow color and the large wheel hub are the symbols of the sports car . It is worth mentioning that Toyota Supra With BMW Z4 Built on the same platform , The chassis and interior design have something in common , In appearance, it retains its own characteristics . Although it's a small sports car , But its entry-level model is still equipped with 2.0T Of 4 Cylinder engine , In contrast, it's really a little unsatisfactory , The top model is just 3.0T Of 6 Cylinder engine , It can be seen that Toyota has made some compromises . But Toyota Supra It can still be called Toyoda another “ app ”, Post drive 、8 block 、340 horsepower ,4.3s Breaking 100 , What do you want .

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