Why did Korean cars fail and it is difficult to make a comeback? Experts say why

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Believe in 10 Years ago , Everyone must be out of breath when talking about domestic cars , Because our domestic cars are too rubbish , It has always been called shoddy , But 10 Years later, , Our domestic cars have already gone abroad , To the stage of the world .

Before our domestic cars developed , It's always based on Japanese cars , The cars , German cars carve up China's auto market . Among them, Korean cars are the most loved by Chinese consumers , Korean cars seem to follow the appearance requirements of Koreans , High beauty value , It is completely in line with the hearts of Chinese consumers , And Korean cars have always been cost-effective , The price is mainly low .

Compared with our domestic cars , Korean cars are simply representative words of high quality and low price , But Korean cars have slowly exposed their problems in recent years . In particular, the safety reduction of Korean cars is serious , Many consumers are afraid to buy Korean cars . Especially this Kia k2, It is known as the car with the highest mortality among the models of the same level .

The birth of this car , Let everyone have doubts about Korean cars , Have a questioning attitude . In addition, there has been an unfriendly incident in South Korea , It makes people more and more reluctant to buy Korean cars , Instead, they put their enthusiasm for buying cars on Japanese cars and our domestic bodies . Xiaobian thinks , Korean cars have been reduced to the present situation , It's all on its own .

Can Korean cars return to their previous peak in the Chinese market , It's really hard to say , Because now our domestic cars are getting better and better , Now our domestic cars have the momentum of dominating China's auto market alone , So Korean cars want to make a comeback in China , It's really a little harder .

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