Q5l bought early! The new car is 10 times more aggressive than Pajero, 2.0T diesel + 8at

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q5l bought early new car

For China's domestic auto brands , They produce small and medium-sized SUV The models occupy most of the market , Many models have also achieved good sales results in the market , But when it comes to off-road vehicles , Their performance seems a little weak , When we talk about this type of car, we often think of the road shaker or hanlanda 、 Stay happy , Therefore, China's domestic brands are also actively improved in this field , Let's take a look at this excellent Yusheng S350.Q5L Buy early ! The new car is more domineering than Pajero 10 times ,2.0T diesel oil +8AT, only 15.98W

First of all, in terms of the shape and structure of this car , The design style of the car looks more domineering than Pajero 10 times , With a somewhat familial style , The grille of its front face adopts a big mouth design , Three through chrome plated ornaments , Let its visual style also present a simple shape , At the same time, the lamp sets on both sides are full and round , Visual impact is very strong , The waist line on both sides is also straight and slender , The whole vehicle presents excellent sportiness , The structure of the tail also looks very atmospheric , The design of the whole car is quite good .

After entering the interior part of the car , The interior space of the car benefits from 4.71 Meter long and 2.75 Meter wheelbase , It has a very spacious ride , At the same time, the whole central control area is covered with a large number of wood grain decorative plates and high-quality materials , Ensure the ride of this car , Looks worried about the sense of class , At the same time, the size of the central control screen is also very huge , Let it have a very good sense of science and Technology , The panoramic image carried 、 One button start 、ESP And a series of configurations are also indispensable , Let this car also have a very excellent form and texture .

Finally, in terms of power, this car is equipped with 2.0T Diesel and gasoline engines , The transmission is matched 8AT transmission , Its maximum output horsepower can reach 141 The horse and 220 horsepower , At the same time, it meets China's six emission standards , The non load bearing body design combined with the front independent suspension structure gives him excellent driving stability , The rear axle differential lock also gives him strong off-road ability ,225 Mm ground clearance also ensures the trafficability of the car .

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