Car owners seek to stimulate the road to play drift, lose control and hit a bus, and the car will be scrapped in an instant

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car owners seek stimulate road

Nowadays, there are more and more traffic rules on the road , It's all for the safety of car owners , Restrict the behavior of car owners when driving from the root , Reduce the probability of traffic accidents to a great extent , But even so , Some car owners still commit crimes against the wind , There are a lot of people driving cars who want to pursue excitement , Or speeding on the main road , Or drag racing when turning , Such behavior is very dangerous , It can easily cause the car to lose control , Hit other pedestrians or vehicles .

Mr. Wang took a bus at work one day , In the middle of the road , He suddenly found a small car running sideways towards the bus , So he pointed to the front and shouted , Voice has just fallen. , The car crashed into the bus , Such a collision produced a huge impact , And the bus stopped at this moment , Mr. Wang was standing at that time , The great inertia made him fall .

Such an accident happened , The bus driver quickly opened the door , Let all the passengers get off , In case the car explodes , The bus driver is right , I don't think about myself at the first time , It's the passengers , I have to say that this is a very dedicated driver , Then the bus driver and the crowd pulled out the white car owner , Also called the police , The ambulance arrived at the scene , The injured were taken to the hospital , The traffic police then arrived at the scene .

By looking at the dash cam of this white car , It was the owner of the white car who drifted on the road in search of excitement , In the process of drift, the car directly lost control , Although the owner tried hard to control the steering wheel , But I still couldn't escape the accident , The white car crashed directly into the bus , Scrap on the spot .

Obvious , The accident was caused by the white car owner's illegal operation of the vehicle , On such a road, play drift illegally , It's really bold , Although there are not many cars on this road , But you can't play like this , This is irresponsible to yourself and other pedestrians and vehicles .

Mr. Wang recalled , After the collision , The whole person is very ignorant , Finally, I got off the bus under the reminder of the driver , He said the whole person felt like he had experienced a disaster , I'm glad I took proper protective measures at that time , Otherwise, the injury will be troublesome . The accident was very tragic , Cars are directly scrapped , The front of the bus is also terrible , This is the result of the car driver's doing whatever he wants , This incident also warned us , When driving on the road , Don't do those dangerous moves , You want to play drift , Then go straight to the professional Stadium , Don't play on this road , It's really dangerous

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