Shanxi riders spent 225000 to buy a new Nissan Qijun, white plus 2000, test drive five times, and finally convinced themselves

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shanxi riders spent buy new

At present, the new Nissan Qijun has been listed , The appearance of the new Qijun is more young and fashionable , It's much more beautiful than the last Qijun , But it's a pity that xinxinjun is full of three cylinders , If you want to buy a four cylinder Qijun, you can only buy a Qijun , The last generation of self-priming engines were really fuel-efficient , The new model is replaced by 1.5T Three cylinder engine , The power performance is better than the previous one , Fuel economy is almost the same , But at present, few people have started , Because everyone doesn't want to be a white mouse .

Although the novel steed is all three cylinders, someone bought it , The white Nissan Qijun in the picture is a car friend in Shanxi who spent 22.5 Ten thousand yuan for , This is the landing price ,2021 Nissan Qijun VC-Turbo 300 CVT 2WD Deluxe edition , Guide price 19.99 Ten thousand yuan , White markup 2 One thousand yuan , insurance premium 5 One thousand yuan , tax 1.78 Ten thousand yuan , There are other small expenses , It took a total of 22.5 Ten thousand yuan .

The owner said :“3 I'm going to buy a car in January , At that time, my friends advised me 7、8 Month buy , Then I kept looking at the car , Saw Honda haoying 、CR-V、 Let's have a good harvest ,、 View of the public way L etc. , These cars are pretty good , But the configuration is uneven , And many friends have started these models , And I don't want to be like them , So I saw Qijun , after 5 After a test drive, I finally convinced myself , Engine lifetime warranty , That's why I dared to buy .”

The car collection site was very heavy , Because he was the first car owner , And the first local car owner , Some of my friends agree and some disagree , The reason is simple , People who don't like three cylinder cars will object to , People who don't care about three cylinders will agree , It's mainly what the car owner likes , Lifetime engine quality assurance , From this point of view , It is enough to be used as a family car .

The new Nissan Qijun is still positioned as compact SUV, The conductor is near 4.7 rice , wide 1.84 rice , high 1.73 rice , The interior space is quite spacious , The materials are also relatively solid , Multi-function steering wheel , Feel fine , Directional accuracy , Very good handling . It carries a 1.5T displacement 204 horsepower L3 engine , In line three cylinder , matching CVT transmission , Power performance was pretty good , But as for the quality, now many people dare not guess .

The owner said :“ I think being a family car is enough , You don't need to run long distances or , So the three cylinder car is also good , As long as there is no problem , And the manufacturer also promises a lifetime warranty , So I'm still very relieved .

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