The boss eliminated the Porsche and he bought it for 100000. He saw that the car was enough to show off most of it

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boss eliminated porsche bought saw

It is said that only with a good boss can we have a good development , But there are many things you don't know . Like having a good boss , Sometimes you can get a lot of good things from your boss . Look at this guy, he has benefited a lot . His boss wants to eliminate a Porsche Cayenne he has been driving for more than ten years , When I collected the car, it was worth millions , The boy made a quick decision , 100000 won the old luxury car . The appearance looks very well maintained , such , The boy can show off in this car for a while .

Look at the front. This is 04 Porsche Cayenne , The price of that year 140 Wan? , After more than ten years, he is still so domineering . The boy is probably happy .

Look at the side , The whole design is still dynamic . Four thick exhaust pipes show aristocratic style and powerful power . Chrome plated side windows , Five spoke tire design , A sense of luxury . Such a car goes out , You said 100000 , I guess no one will believe it .

Open the door , Looking at the seats and interiors, I really want to admire the boss . Ten years , He's pretty well maintained , It can be seen that this is a person who loves cars very much . I can't see the vicissitudes of ten years . Leather seats , The light brown and fresh design also makes a lot of eyes .

The same is true for the rear seats , Independent air conditioning , Panoramic sunroof , Show your luxurious style . Boy , Really made a lot of money !

What about? , It's really cool to drive such a domineering Porsche . No wonder I've been sitting under my boss for more than ten years , This guy just wants to spend 100000 to buy it . It's estimated that the guy was just trying to attract attention , But did you really make money by opening the door ! Think about driving out in a car like this , Really, the whole person's temperament has changed . It is estimated that many people are like Xiaobian , I don't have my own car yet , But that's okay , Hurry to find a good boss who loves cars !

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