The traffic police tell you: car owners at four intersections are easy to be fined and deducted points!

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traffic police tell car owners

Many friends drive , Be careful , Sometimes it's hard to guard against , There are violations , The last is to be punished . today , Xiao Bian will talk about , At the intersection where violations are easy to occur , What should I do to make it all right !

1、 When you drive your car from a one-way lane to a two-way Lane , A little inattentive , Just into the reverse Lane . If you really drive , Danger doesn't say , Points will be deducted 、 fine . therefore , Friends should remember , Yellow dotted line in the middle , It's all two-way lanes ( As shown in the figure below ).

2、 If it is... In the figure below “T" Word crossing , Double white solid lines are parking yield lines , Which means , Let the traffic on the main road go first at this intersection . If you don't do it , A rear end collision , You will be fully responsible .

3、 As shown in the figure below , White diamond pattern on the driveway , It's actually “ Pedestrian crossing warning signs ”, Is to remind the vehicle that there is a crosswalk ahead , Need to slow down .

4、 The following figure , In two lanes , One side is a solid line 、 Dotted line on one side . If you turn on a solid line , overtaking , Then you wait for the ticket notice ; If you turn left on the dotted line or overtake , Nothing , As long as you don't affect the traffic .

summary : On the spacious road , How many lines are there , There are many points to pay attention to , A little inattention , Then directly deduct points 、 fine . therefore , You still need to pay attention to these lines .

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