It is a good domestic car in the hearts of our people. It is 4 meters long and 7 with four cylinders

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good domestic car hearts people.

With the rise of domestic independent brands , The situation of joint venture cars in China is becoming more and more difficult , For example, Korean cars and legal cars are two distinct representatives . Of course , Not all joint venture brands are in the same situation in China , German cars and Japanese cars are still thriving in the domestic auto market , It's hard to say that they are still in a dominant position , Especially in the field of sedan , The top ten sales are basically divided by their two families , From this point, we can reflect their long history , It seems that it is difficult for domestic independent brands to cross them in a short time , After all, the good reputation and quality they create go deep into the hearts of domestic consumers , Although they are simple and do not reduce the price , But consumers' attitude towards them still chooses tolerance , This may take time to resolve .

In fact, some domestic independent brand models are not inferior to them in performance , It's just a matter of time , There's a good saying , Stars eat instant noodles is grounded , If our common people eat instant noodles, it is “ poor ” 了 , It can be seen how much added value the brand brings to the car model . Today, Xiaobian wants to say that the good car in the eyes of our people comes from Chery's - chery GX, A family sedan , Chery is also known as the most motivated car company , It disdains to imitate others like Zhongtai to save costs , In exchange for maximum profits , It often likes self-development to expand its influence , Let's not say what the final result is , But this spirit is not worth encouraging ? Why arizer GX It's a good domestic car in the eyes of our people ? Mainly in the following aspects , Let's see .

One 、 populist , It can be said to be high configuration and low price , It is completely opposite to the joint venture car of the same level , It has made concessions on pricing soon after it went public , It's cheaper 0.6 ten thousand , In this way, it only needs less than 6 Wan can take it home , Such pricing is in line with today's market demand . We need to know , Ariza GX The price is low , But its quality is not low , Its engine thermal efficiency has reached amazing 37.1%, It is difficult for some domestic independent brands at the same level to do this . Besides , Its ride comfort 、 The driving quality and appearance appearance are also true compared with models of the same level , Whether it's a joint venture or other independent brands .

Two 、 performance , To be honest, the technology of today's three cylinder engine is not as mature as that of four cylinder engine , Even BMW X1 It is also equipped with a three cylinder engine , The author still dares to say that the three cylinder engine is not as stable as the four cylinder engine , This is an indisputable fact . And this arizer GX The conservative four cylinder engine is adopted , Very consistent with their own positioning , It's carrying one 1.5T Four cylinder turbocharged engine , The maximum power can reach 147 horsepower , Peak torque is 210 Cattle meters , The rotating system is matched with 5 Manual and CVT Stepless gearbox ( simulation 9 block ), The fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is as low as 6L about , Such a dynamic composition is still very attractive , It can bring more stable power output .

3、 ... and 、 Level of appearance , Ariza GX The whole looks very fashionable and atmospheric , The design style tends to be young , It caters to the aesthetics of today's young consumers . The front face adopts a split air inlet grille , Add a slender Silver Chrome cross in the middle , It seems that there is enough hierarchy , Match with the honeycomb blackened Chinese net design , It looks exquisite without losing luck, dynamic . The same is true for the side of the body , Smooth lines run through the avant-garde , Show the body very slender , Let it have a little car running style , The breath is very likable , In terms of appearance design , Not inferior to the models of the same level . Its body length, width and height are :4710*1825*1490mm, The wheelbase is 2670mm.

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