I'll show you the BMW 5 series with my powerful luxury medium and large car logo pole

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ll bmw series powerful luxury

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For budget adequacy , For friends who want to buy luxury medium and large cars , BMW 5 It should be an alternative model they can't get around . As the backbone of BMW family , BMW 5 The Department has spacious space and luxurious materials , It has set a new benchmark for luxury medium and large vehicles , The global sales volume has exceeded 900 Thousands of cars . So is this car suitable for you ? take it easy , Next, I'll bring you a BMW 5 This is the real shooting experience of this car .

Let's take a look at BMW first 5 system 2021 paragraph 525Li The appearance of a luxury suit , The front face looks very steady , Match with straight waterfall Chinese open , Looks more recognizable .

The length, width and height of the car are 5106/1868/1500mm, The wheelbase 3105mm, With Hantai tires , The specifications of the front and rear tires are 245/45 R18, Multi spoke rim design is adopted .

The rear side , BMW 5 The tail lamp design is very fashionable , In addition, the exhaust pipe with double sides and double outlets is equipped , The visual effect highlights a good sense of advanced .

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