"Made in China"! Pure Volvo blood broken 100 5.9s

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china pure volvo blood broken

In the past few years , Joint venture vehicles occupy a dominant position in the domestic market , But I have to admire the manufacturing strength of domestic brands , In just a few years , The technology of domestic cars has developed by leaps and bounds , It's not that low quality anymore 、 Unreliable domestic cars , Enough to reassure most consumers to buy , At the same time, in the high-end field, domestic cars also make frequent efforts , It has really brought us very bright products , Today, “ Made in China ” It can really be said that it can not be underestimated , Just like today's Lingke 03 Is one of them .

In the sedan car , There are very few domestic cars that can be sold , Geely has done this , After the launch of Lingke brand , Led the g 02、 Led the g 03 And so on , To a large extent, it meets the wishes of young people for sports cars , Simultaneous collar 03 In the later stage, the performance version was also launched , Equipped with Volvo, it provides 2.0T The engine , It brings 5.9 100 second breaking ability , It can be said that it has pure wal Owen's luxury car pedigree , Enough to compete with some real sports cars , Anything else 718 Well .

First of all, in the modeling design , Led the g 03 It really didn't disappoint most people , The whole sense of movement 、 The taste of sedan running has been perfectly displayed , The split front face is equipped with through air inlet and frog eye LED Day light , It looks very personal . side 4639x1840x1460mm The size is very compact and atmospheric , Two color body 、 Multi spoke wheels are very sporty , The tail light group with tail penetration can be regarded as the finishing touch , And added the pull wind sports kit , The sense of movement is quite strong .

besides , In terms of interior design, Lingke also spent a lot of effort to create , The sense of luxury is excellent , In particular, the whole interior is wrapped with a large area of soft bag material , The details are supplemented by bright baking paint 、 Metal wire drawing and decoration of interior atmosphere lamp , It looks very advanced , And all LCD dashboard 、 Embedded central control screen , Yanfeilish high-end audio , The sense of technology is very strong , Mainstream ACC Adaptive cruise 、 Lane keep 、 Doubling the auxiliary 、 Panoramic sunroof 、360 Panoramic images and other configurations are not absent .

Power is the most impressive part of this car , It provides 1.5T Three cylinder and 2.0T Three engines with high and low power , They matched each other 7 Double clutch speed 、6AT and 8AT transmission , Can bring 132kW/265N.m、140kW/300N.m、187kW/350N.m, The dynamic parameters are bright enough , And some models also provide timely four-wheel drive system , Only 5.9 You can break a hundred seconds .

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