Geely has upgraded again! As soon as the new "Polaris" logo is unveiled

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geely upgraded soon new polaris

After more than 100 years of development , At present, it has become more and more mature , From the initial, it makes people's travel more convenient . More time-saving development to today, more car companies will launch a lot of personalized services according to the needs of drivers , But on the whole , Due to the development time , Imported cars are better developed than domestic cars , But with the development of our country , More and more domestic cars are catching up , They are not willing to win the favor of consumers with price , Hope to win the reputation of consumers with quality and practicability , Among many domestic auto enterprises , Geely cars are at the forefront .

As an old domestic car enterprise in China , The development of Geely Automobile in recent years is obvious to all , Especially the Lingke series launched before , Fully consider the needs and practicability of car owners , A lot of practical functions are added when the price is not expensive , It can be said that it brightens people's eyes ! And many local organs and units also “ abandon ” It's the public . Audi and other traditional bus configurations , Instead, it is equipped with Lingke series models , What's more, people see the hope of domestic cars .

After the success of the link series , Geely made persistent efforts , I hope I can make some gains in the high-end car market , Then it was launched “ polestar ” automobile , It is worth mentioning that , This time, Geely jointly developed with the famous Volvo car company , therefore “ polestar ” No Geely logo , It's brand new “ polestar ” Auto Logos , A sense of future ! More Than This , all-new “ polestar ” As a high-value sedan , No matter in terms of appearance or performance, it doesn't belong to famous cars such as Audi and BMW .

all-new “ polestar ” The car is Geely's first pure electric car , But the performance is no less than that of fuel vehicles , Its maximum endurance has reached 135 km , More Than This ,2.0T Turbocharged engine plus 8 Self - contained gearbox , You can make it in 5 In seconds , The design of double doors and huge aluminum alloy wheels , With flat front grille and “ quake ” Double headlights , Make it look excellent . Safety , The polar star car is equipped with 10 airbag , Need to know , It was developed jointly with Volvo cars , There must be no doubt about the safety .

“ polestar ” As soon as the car came on the market , It has triggered the vibration of auto enterprises all over the world , The car was limited to the world when it was first launched 500 platform , But it attracted 18 Orders from four countries , It can really be said that it is to win face for domestic cars . Brand new logo , Top level configuration , Fashionable appearance , These are auspicious for “ polestar ” Car labels , Are you interested in this brand new “ polestar ” Interested in cars ? Come to the comment area and discuss with the riders .

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