Lexus ux250h sports release, sports is so simple

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lexus ux250h ux sports release

Let's talk about performance cars today , Countless people like super running , But many people can only sigh at the price of millions , So small steel guns and performance cars were born , Their advantages are obvious , Not only has the performance of sports cars , And the price is very close to the people , One of the more famous is BMW M series 、 audi RS series 、 Mercedes AMG series , Of course, Volkswagen Golf GTI.

But not today , Let's talk about Lexus's new overseas UX250h Sports section , The new car adds a newly developed sports component on the basis of cash , The starting price of a new car in Europe is 44343 dollar , If converted into RMB , About us 29.07 ten thousand , Although it's a SUV, But it makes me feel more like a performance car !

The appearance is highly consistent with the old model , The classic spindle grille and tusk headlamp set have become iconic designs , Sharp , Full of sports .

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