Interpretation of the seventh generation Elantra power system

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interpretation seventh generation elantra power

I don't know when “ online celebrity ” The word is becoming more and more popular , At first, it generally refers to “ people ”, Up to now, it means “ matter ”、 finger “ place ”, Such as wanghong restaurant 、 Net red products 、 Net red punch . Dan Fanyu “ online celebrity ” Two words are related to , It will certainly become a trend , And there is a high flow .

Of course , Cars are no exception . But facing the era of serious homogenization of automobile design , Innovation has become a major task for designers of automobile enterprises , However, many designs are not designed by designers , It is also limited by the size and arrangement of assemblies and parts 、 Reasonable weight distribution 、 The driving performance of the car , The real implementation needs the cooperation of designers and engineers .

The development of automobile today , Distinctive characters are becoming less and less common , The appearance of the seventh generation Elantra can not be described too much by the word amazing , fashion 、 The young image is the same as before “ Rules and regulations ” It's hard to relate your style .

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