The tires are noisy every time you drive? Try this method

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tires noisy time drive try

When we were driving , I think the noise is too loud , After a long time, I will feel the buzzing in my ears , A lot of people think of a lot of ways to do this , Some car owners even send their cars to 4S Shop maintenance , Naturally, this will not solve the problem of tire noise , Because the tire noise itself is not a vehicle fault , How to repair , It is also real . Every time I drive out, the tire noise is very loud ? Try this method , It can be solved without spending money .

The first 1, What is the reason for the loud tire noise , We have to find the cause , That's how I'll fix it , This can cure the disease . While the vehicle is moving , The rimmed wheel rotates at high speed , Inevitably, it will bring up the stones on the road , Some stones will hit the fender , thus , The tire noise is even louder , Especially on roads with poor road conditions , This situation will become more and more serious . For such noise , Our treatment is to add some flannelette on the fender , In this way, the flying stones hit the flannelette , Flannelette is soft cotton , The noise is limited , And flannelette casual clothes at home , Just a little on the mop , Don't spend money at all .

The first 2, This situation is , The vehicle runs on the road with good road conditions , Even if there is no stone on the road , The tire noise is still very loud . This noise is caused by the tread pattern of the tire , When the vehicle is moving fast , The wheels are turning fast , The pattern on the tire comes into contact with the air , Drive the air flow , So there's noise . General situation , The smaller the angle of the groove of the tire pattern , The less noise is produced . So the way to overcome this noise is to make an article on the tire pattern , You can choose some tires with small groove angle , So the noise will be less .

in general , Tire noise can only be relatively reduced , It can't completely eliminate , If you really can't accept the influence of this noise , I suggest you work hard on sound insulation , The sound insulation is done , I can't hear the tire noise , It's a good way .

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