What are the wearing parts of the car? If you don't change 50000km, you will suffer a great loss

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wearing parts car don change

Everyone will always encounter unhappiness in the process of using the car , With the increase of vehicle age and kilometers , The problem is getting worse , I began to wonder if I had bought the problem car , Even began to doubt life . In fact, it is often caused by improper maintenance . We all know that maintenance is to change the oil filter , However, there are other accessories that need to be replaced or cleaned after long-term and long-distance use , Directly affect the operating conditions of the vehicle . Next, Xiaobian will list some cars that are easy to be “ Forget ” Vulnerable parts .

One 、 Three way catalysis

What is ternary catalysis

Three way catalysis , Refers to the emission of automobile exhaust CO、HC and NOx And other harmful gases are transformed into harmless carbon dioxide through oxidation and reduction 、 Catalysis of water and nitrogen .

What are the symptoms when there is a problem with the three-way catalyst , What are the hazards ?

The three-way catalyst damages the secondary oxygen sensor and will not correctly provide data to the trip computer , In this way, the mixture concentration will be too thin or too thick . Too thin will make ignition difficult 、 Weak driving 、 Engine shooting, etc , Too rich will increase fuel consumption 、 Combustion is not complete 、 Cylinder 、 Serious carbon deposition on spark plug, etc . When this fault occurs, the engine fault lamp should be on .

Three way catalytic life

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