Over 170000! Car sales came out in July, and Chang'an automobile is still your uncle after all!

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car sales came july chang

Beijing time 8 month 9 Japan 19 when , Changan Automobile heavy official announced 7 Monthly record : Overall sales breakthrough 17 ten thousand 、 Breakthrough of domestic brands 13 ten thousand 、 Breakthrough in domestic passenger cars 9 ten thousand , The year-on-year growth rates are 7.9%、8.3% as well as 14.1%! The former 7 Total sales for the last month , It also rose sharply year-on-year : The overall total sales volume exceeded 137 Thousands of cars ( Year-on-year growth 38.4%)、 Breakthrough of domestic brands 100 ten thousand ( Year-on-year growth 46.1%)、 Breakthrough in domestic passenger cars 75 ten thousand ( Year-on-year growth 58.9%); In terms of overall data , Changan Automobile is still your uncle after all !

In terms of segment models , changan CS75 The series continues to break through 2 Thousands of cars , Reached 20119 car , continuity 16 Break through... In the next month 2 Thousands of cars , Have “ China Design Gold Award ” and “ Best intelligent network car ” Of title CS75, Always hovering SUV field “ Second in command ” In the embarrassing situation !

The next step is “ National sedan leader ” Chang'an Yidong ,7 The monthly sales volume is 13049 car , The key point is : Escaping PLUS In the first half of the year, it ranked first in the insurance volume of domestic brand compact cars !

Another is as “ Future mass production of science and Technology ” Of UNI series , Sales breakthrough 1 Thousands of cars , Reached 10135 car ! Its new style UNI-T, It adopts a new generation of blue whale high-efficiency powertrain , Is expected to be in 8 In the listed ; Next is Chang'an CS55 Of 8431 car ,PLUS The model has opened the pre-sale mode ; changan CS35DE XIAOLIANG SHI 6755 car , It is a small domestic brand SUV The first model in terms of insurance coverage !

Chang'an Auchan 7 Monthly sales reached 20154 car , The sales volume of Chang'an Kaicheng is 14037 car , Chang'an Mazda is 10005 car , Into the endless Changan Ford 7 The monthly sales volume is 26046 car ; Changan new energy has reached 12398 car ; Finally, overseas sales ,7 It will reach 10347 car , continuity 6 The sales volume exceeded 10000 in the last month ! In terms of specific sales volume of subdivided models , Most models have reached 1 ten thousand + Threshold , Changan Automobile is still your uncle after all , When they can't ![ The sales data in this paper comes from Chang'an automobile 8 month 9 Japanese official media news ]

Changan automobile 8 month 9 Screenshot of Japanese official media news

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